We asked our current members why they joined a fraternity and combined the responses. Here’s the top 10 most common reasons on why our members joined Alpha Sigma Phi at CSU:
  1.  Networking. Joining a fraternity exposes you to student leaders across campus.  As America’s fastest growing fraternity, and the tenth oldest fraternity in the United States (we were founded in 1845 at Yale) , we have thousands of alumni spread across the United States and Canada. Some famous Alpha Sigs you may have heard about are Warren Buffett (legendary investor and Forbes top billionaire), John Kasich (Governor of Ohio), and Tom Watson (8-time Men’s Golf Champion), as well as many others.
  2. Meet life long friends. Our members hangout together, eat together, and play Fortnite together.
  3. It’s safe. Alpha Sig promotes a no-hazing pledging experience. No one should have to feel uncomfortable joining a fraternity.
  4. You learn valuable life lessons. As a chapter, we strive to promote the individual growth of our members.
  5. You grow to be a leader. We are a growing fraternity, so there are leadership opportunities available that wouldn’t be there in a larger fraternity. Develop useful skills like organizing, time management, public speaking, and a whole lot more.
  6. You have a new support network. Our members watch out for each other. Alpha Sig’s have a saying of being a “brother’s keeper” and watching out for one another.
  7. It benefits the community. Alpha Sig members dedicate hundreds of hours each year of community service. We hold two major philanthropic events per year, one in the fall (Glow in the Dark Volleyball) benefitting RAINN, and one in the spring (Alpha Sigma Phry) benefitting the Humane Society.
  8. On average, fraternity men earn higher in the workforce. Being in a fraternity “rais[ed] future income by approximately 36%” (Stephen Schmidt and Lewis Davis).
  9. You become well rounded. We bring in speakers that cover a range of topics, from managing finances to managing your wardrobe.
  10. It’s a blast. Being in Alpha Sig is fun. We’ve been known to toss a few footballs around, host Madden tournaments, and overall have a great college experience.
Here’s what some alumni had to say:

“Alpha Sig taught me how to apply what I learned in the classroom and how to succeed outside of academia. College teaches you quite a bit, but Alpha Sig taught me how to be successful with that knowledge. Alpha Sig also taught me how to run a business and work in a group setting which has made me a very competitive applicant in the job market.”

Alex FitzSimons (HR Data Analytics Manager, New York University Langone Health)

“I am currently doing technical sales for Rockwell Automation (they’re a huge company and their automation equipment is what controls the brewery down in the Ramskeller). As for postgrad accomplishments I think the main things would be that I was able to go to Europe with Adam for four weeks, and getting into this 8 month training program with Rockwell. It’s a pretty selective program with awesome perks and the company is really well respected. Alpha Sig definitely helped prepare me for my post grad life. Mainly through helping with public speaking, leading meetings, collaborating in large teams, and coming up with creative solutions to problems (all of which I need in my job). A big percentage of the engineers that Rockwell hires for this sales program are in fraternities or sororities which really shows that a lot of the skills they are after involve more than just what is taught in the classroom.”

Jason LeJeune (Technical sales, Rockwell Automation)